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Fiery Skies-The Leo Eclipse


She was showing off two nights ago, before the snow storm here in New York. Fresh out of Cancer and into the fire…Leo that is.

Even as the moon was void of course, or in between signs, (roaming the sky freely as I like to imagine), she was clearly getting ready for the dramatic and demonstrative sign of Leo.

It saddened me that my camera phone could not capture her true beauty. A thin cloud strip was sliced across the night sky and there was even a rainbow halo glowing around her. Yes, a rainbow halo. At night.


Anyway, as many of you know, the Full Leo Moon eclipse is approaching in a few hours. While New Moons are times for reflection and manifesting, Full Moons are a time for change. We may feel inclined to show off our talents. This is an especially good time for those of us who are uncomfortable in the spotlight to step out of our comfort zone and strut our stuff.

Be careful of shallowness and short-sightedness. Don’t let pride get in the way of asking for help or listening to advice. This especially goes for those of us with Leo Moon or Sun.

The earth, between the two most influential celestial bodies, casts its shadow on the moon. The moon is our dark side, the emotions and instincts we keep hidden. This is a time where we are facing our emotions, literally forced to confront them. It’s best not to fight it. Accept imperfections. Use her energy to create. Lunar eclipses are a time of renewal, washing away the energy of the previous eclipse and bringing fourth a new energy.  The last lunar eclipse, which was in Pisces (September 16th, 2016), contained an inward energy, influencing us to escape the harsh realities of the material world and delve into the imagination.

Leo is not afraid to face the world, in fact it adores the attention, but the moon in this sign needs lots of approval. It is not uncommon during this time to want to live up to a grand image we have of ourselves.

This Lunar Eclipse will be further empowered by some other planets that, like Leo, are in the element of fire. There is a “grand fire trine” between the Moon in Leo and Venus and Mars both in Aries. The outer planets, Saturn and Uranus, are also in fiery Sagittarius and Aries. The fire element is passionate, aggressive, creative, enthusiastic, and energetic.

Very take charge.

Very full moon.

Use these positive energies to your advantage. Just be careful of explosive emotions and making quick assumptions.

All this fire action meshes well with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra, both air signs. The energy is very self- expressive, or masculine as the air and fire elements are categorized. The yang of Yin and Yang. These energies will most closely affect those of us who are fire and air dominant, especially fire.

Hmmm…perhaps this showoff-y moon is why I’m finally posting after a year! And that post was on the Full Leo Moon of 2016! Clearly, the Full Moon in this sign affects me creatively.

Hopefully being free of school now will make me a more consistent blogger. I really want to be. Astrology and writing have been my biggest passions for a very long time. Really, nothing makes me happier than to explore the planets in a psychological way and discuss it. So, thank you for visiting and enjoy the Leo Eclipse 🙂

Follow the Dark Waters, New Moon on 11/11


Tonight’s new moon will be in the watery sign of Scorpio. The date this new moon falls on is almost as mysterious as the new moon itself. No sign is associated more with darkness, transformation, and intensity than Scorpio.

My natal Mars (energy and assertion) and Pluto (transformation) are in Scorpio. These planets also rule the sign, so they are a strong influence in my chart. Scorpio qualities are intensified: a need for danger, resourcefulness, an interest in the occult.

11/11 OR 11:11 are special numbers to me because they add up to 4, my lucky numerology number. I consider it lucky because my entire birthday adds up to 4 and I was also born on the 4th of the month. Whenever I look at the clock and see 11:11, which is quite often, I always make a wish. So I was extra excited when I found out the new moon would be on 11/11.

When a new moon occurs, it can’t be seen from earth. It’s hiding in darkness, or in this case, submerged in the water. Scorpio is a water sign after all, so it feels, DEEPLY. It’s a great time to develop, create, manifest, set intentions…Think about the mad scientist in his lair (let’s just pretend he’s a Scorpio for good measure) working on his experiment, knowing full well it’s risky and dangerous, but do you think he cares? NO! Because it’s his passion. Risk excites Scorpio. We chase what we are most passionate about and our greatest passions usually come with lots of fear. This new moon wants us to let go of WHO we think we should be or WHAT we think we should do and go after what excites us! It’s also a good time to notice what is not working for us or bringing us down.

While full moons illuminate our emotions, bringing everything to the surface, new moons are a time for reflection. The qualities of Scorpio are reflected inward towards us, so we should take advantage of them. Let’s use that scorpion resourcefulness and make something out of nothing, we might surprise ourselves. Scorpio can be reckless and irrational, destroying everything in its path, but if we let go of what makes us unhappy, the negative qualities of this sign should not affect us. It is all or nothing, so let this new moon ignite your flame and uncover your deep, dark desires…

When No One is Looking


(Google Image of Joan of Arc, famous Cap woman)

I was itching to post last night, but for some reason my internet would not work. Luckily, everything is back to normal now and I can share my experience of the inspiring moon with you.

I don’t usually guess what zodiac sign the moon might be occupying, but she looked particularly chilly last night. Something about her cautious, purposeful demeanor told me she was in Capricorn. I checked my calendar and sure enough, she was as I suspected. Never have a felt such a strong connection to the universe than last night. It was as if we were communicating with each other.

As I looked up at her. I couldn’t help but notice her light breaking through tiny pieces of clouds. She quickly hid behind more, aware of my staring. I was too obvious. Disappointed, I went back to my bed and covered myself too. Before I shut my eyes I took one last glance, only to see that she was out again, shining in all her glory.

When the moon is in Capricorn, she is in her detriment. Capricorn is prestigious, determined, responsible. The moon, ruled by Cancer, is the nurturing mother, our natural instincts. Capricorn wants to control, the moon wants to relinquish control and feel.

Is it not fitting that yesterday was Woman’s Equality day? Capricorn woman is the epitome of strength and independence, but she is rarely confident and impulsive like Aries. She is modest and calculating, carefully approaching new endeavors with well thought out plans, only entering the unknown if she feels safe. Last night, this sign housed the most emotional and nurturing celestial body, revealing herself only when I wasn’t looking. Or when she thought I wasn’t looking. But having my sun in Capricorn (and being a lunar Cancer), I understand how she feels. It’s only when all eyes are not on me that I can really let my hair down and be free.

Enter Aquarius moon, our zany, independent woman. She isn’t as worried about letting it all hang out.

Indulging in the Self while Venus Goes Retrograde


Venus, goddess of love and beauty, can be a bit blinding and her planet in retrograde threatens our ability to see through the haze. This is a difficult time to determine the fate of a relationship because the planet of marriage and partnerships is twirling backwards.

I like to think of her as some enchanting fairy, luring you into the forest. It’s so tempting to follow her into the unknown.


Venus rules the 2nd house of finances and 7th house of companionship, so any major investments or wedding plans should only be thought about, not acted upon.
I wouldn’t worry about a solid relationship or plans that have been in the works for a while already. This is a time to be cautious about signing contracts, making a big career move, and handling past or new lovers. Or maybe both! Venus is roaming right now. She doesn’t know what she wants and you probably don’t either, so save any life altering choices for mid- September if you can.

The two beauty signs combine their elements during this time where we contemplate on whether to let go or move forward. Are we holding on to something or someone, unsure of what to do?
The logical, or Libran, side to Venus, asks us to re-evaluate. Weigh the pros and cons of the situation before we make a rash decision.
The earthy side to Venus (aka Taurus), demands that we cultivate a quality life worth living. Hold on to the things and people that bring you joy, for this can only do your own character good.

I’ve noticed that myself and many friends have been very inward lately. Venus is a friendly planet, but in retrograde, she slows down and travels in the opposite direction. This is a time to self reflect and lay out our options. I find myself putting much less energy into others or social activities and it feels good to put that energy into myself.

I find it interesting that, unlike most summers, this summer has been completely dedicated to myself. I don’t even have a trip planned, which is very unusual. But I don’t even mind. I’ve been getting a lot done and it feels relieving to know that so many obstacles will be behind me come September. Maybe then I will start planning a trip 😉

Even though Venus retrograde begins July 25th (approximately 5:29am) I am sure most people have started to feel it already and even when she’s direct again by September 6th, we will still be in her shadow. She will be adjusting to her new rhythm, as will we. I would save any major decisions for AFTER this time if possible, especially if it’s matters of the heart. Or real estate! She will also be in the sign of Leo for most of this period, as will the sun, so we will be welcoming special attention thrown our way, maybe even seek it out. Venus is also the planet of creativity and Leo is an especially creative sign. Why not take this self- reflective time to tap into our artistic side?

I can also feel Venus tempting me. She is bringing people into my life, both old and new and I find myself indulging in the attention. Beware of her deceit. She is very seductive and many people from our past like to pop up during this time.

Remember: She is dancing in a backward motion, so her guidance cannot be trusted. Think of this when you find yourself faced with a difficult decision during this period, and put it off if you can. Give yourself some love instead.

Another Year of Self Realization


While the Sun is in Capricorn, the full moon approaching, as always, will be in Cancer. Two opposing forces: Capricorn, the stern father figure and Cancer, the nurturing mother. This full moon will no doubt have the spotlight. The moon is at home in the sign of Cancer. Extreme loyalty, trouble letting go of the past, the need to feel safe and secure at home. This intense full moon will be a test to deal with our emotions. Cancer wants to suppress and Capricorn wants to move on.

This is a special moon for me because it appears on my birthday (January 4th). My Sun is also in Capricorn and I’m a lunar Cancer, so I’m sure I will be feeling the influence three-fold. I’m well aware of how Cancer moon harbors feelings, but I know it’s time I face mine and let go of pains and insecurities of the past.

This has been an interesting year. One of self discovery and change. Actually, I find that each year, I change and grow a lot in some way. I discover new things about myself, become more confident and more sure of what I want out of life. It’s unsettling to think there are others out there who can’t pick themselves up and who ultimately, never change. I’ve come across such individuals, ones who are geniuses and posses qualities I wish I had, but feel awful about themselves. I always wanted to help them and nurture them, make them see how wonderful they are! But one thing I’ve learned this year is that change comes only to those who are ready. I can be influential and provide assistance, but I cannot force anyone to change their outlook on life. I can only do that for myself.

To the full Cancer moon! May we all recognize our deepest emotions and be unafraid of who we are. Let’s embrace our good qualities and weed out the bad, working towards a better self. Capricorn demands self-improvement and we can only deliver that if we let go.

This is the final stanza to Adrienne Rich’s poem, “Planetarium”. I read it a couple of months ago and have been meaning to mention it. This seems like a good time. The language she uses for empowerment and self discovery is really beautiful.

“I am bombarded yet           I stand

I have been standing all my life in the
direct path of a battery of signals
the most accurately transmitted most
untranslatable language in the universe
I am a galactic cloud so deep      so invo-
luted that a light wave could take 15
years to travel through me       And has
taken       I am an instrument in the shape
of a woman trying to translate pulsations
into images for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind.”

Happy new year all.

( Read the entire poem here)

Politics from an Astrological Point of View

ImageThis is an article I wrote for my school paper. Hope you enjoy!

We all know that politics can be a dirty business. What you see, isn’t always what you get and at the end of the day, we don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. It can be refreshing to know who a person really is before deciding to vote for them. They can share their life story with you and seem like things are a certain way on the outside, but how do we know that is who they really are?

There is a way to gain insight on a person’s true personality and it’s not as taboo as some might think. It is a practice that dates as far back as 5000 BC and it’s known today as Astrology. Some are familiar with this study through things such as a horoscope and the signs of the zodiac, but Astrology is much deeper than the few sentences seen in the Daily News. After all, human beings are very complex, we cannot be described in just a few words. Above all, Astrology is the study of the planets and how they affect us because, believe it or not, they are more than just huge masses floating around in space.

The following two descriptions are of well known politicians and, thanks to Astrology, they can be seen in a much different light than how they are seen in public. Both were analyzed based on their birthdate and time and, with this information, we are able to know how the planets were aligned when they were born. So, today they will be described based solely on their birthday and you can see which personality appeals to you more. Place your vote!

Person A

This is someone who appears very youthful and has an active mind that needs constant stimulation. Usually a dreamer, the best is brought out of him/her when he/she is guided rather than paving the way him/her self. He/she has a very creative and imaginative mind, but it is hard for him/her to put his/her ideas to action. He/she performs at their best when a teacher or mentor can steer him/her in the right direction. Although they deliver to the best of their ability this way, this person is not often self motivated. He/she is extremely sensitive with intense emotions, making them very empathetic towards others.

Person A should be wary of who they let into their circle for they are easily influenced and can be too trusting of others.He/she is also extremely adaptable and somewhat of a nomad, which is good because he/she can blend in around others and in different environments. However, because of this constant drifting, he/she might not be someone you can always depend on to back up what they say. His/her mind tends to roam from one idea to the next, so it is not uncommon for him/her to have a confusing answer or standing on a topic.

This person’s wondrous imagination has the ability to flourish, building useful ideas, but also has the ability to consume and become a distraction, separating him/her from reality. The devotion he/she has is insurmountable for they will stop at nothing to prove his/her love, whether it be for a person or their passion. Unfortunately, stopping at nothing could mean lying as much as it takes to fix things, but deceit only makes matters worse and the consequences could be catastrophic.

One quality he/she does poses that is very admirable is strength and will power to take action. There is a strong force inside him/her that yearns to put forth his/her ideas and make a change, but power can also be abused and this person is very susceptible to addiction of all sorts. Person A believes deeply in morals and truly has faith in the good of people. He/she engages others with their energy and enthusiasm. Because of their ability to absorb everything like a sponge, they are also incredibly wise. With the right guidance, he/she has the ability to convince others of their creative ideals and change the world.

Person B

There is something truly warm and charming about this person. He/she exudes confidence and instantly light up a room. Unfortunately, his/her confidence can come off as arrogance and he/she can be viewed as someone who just simply loves attention. Although open minded, this person must think thoroughly before making a decision and not easily influenced by other opinions. This person often has conflicting ideas in his/her head about what is more important, resulting in a long duration of careful thinking.

However, taking time can easily turn into laziness for Person B and they have no problem with kicking back and enjoying “the good life.” He/she loves all luxuries life has to offer and can spend money excessively. It’s important that this person surround his/her self with responsible individuals who will encourage him/her to be more careful with their savings. Person B is extremely passionate and takes pride in everything they do. Rather than being swayed by others, he/she has to feel in their heart that this is their calling. This person is also capable of being too prideful, which can be damaging because as much as he/she thinks they will always have control, some situations will be out of his/her reach. Person B can be adamant about seeking help from others in order to maintain his/her strong exterior, which can be frustrating, but it only proves the unshakeable loyalty he/she has.

This person absolutely refuses to let people down or have others think he/she is incapable or un-worthy.Person B’s generosity is heartwarming, but can also be taken advantage of. His/her kindness is often mistaken for weakness, but ones that truly know the real them, know the unbelievable inner strength he/she posesses. This person is also very intellectual and open to different ideas, but more than anything, he/she is strong willed and true to, not just people, but to his/her word as well.

If you guessed Mitt Romney for person A and Barrack Obama for person B, you were correct and now have a better idea of who is or could be running this country. Mitt Romney was described as a more passionate person who is abstract in his ideals, whereas Barrack Obama was analyzed as a very prideful person who is loyal.

I found this to be true in that Romney has very strong emotions. He always seems to get flustered when he is arguing a point and although very eloquent, he shifts where he stands on a topic quite often. Romney’s rising sign is Gemini, which is an intellectual sign of communication. This gives off the appearance of being very approachable, bubbly and youthful. However his true character lies in his sun, which is in the watery sign of Pisces. Romney has an enormous imagination, but it might be better suited in another field, for his dreamy Piscean nature might change its mind too much. His moon rests in Scorpio, another water sign. This mix will give you a person with intense emotions to say the least, which explains why Mr. Romney is so good at arguing. An important placement is also Mars, planet of energy and action, which is also in Pisces. Now, Pisces people are more dreamers than they are doers. With his Mars is in Pisces, Romney has the power to evoke emotion in others. His feelings are strongly expressed without holding back.

Obama, on the other hand, seems much more reserved. Perhaps it’s due to his Mars being in Virgo, sign of service and morals. Virgo is an earth sign that is associated with order and tactfulness. With this placement, Obama is able to put his emotions aside for a moment, in order to make a decision, which is an excellent trait for a politician. His real inner character is his sun, which is in Leo. This fixed, fire sign is associated most with creativity and sex. This is where the bulk of Obama’s confidence stems from and why he usually remains laid back even under constant pressure. His pride comes from the proud lion sign as well, for he never wants to make a mistake or have anyone doubt him. His moon and rising sign are both in air signs Gemini and Aquarius, making him very intellectual. Although he is a passionate Leo, he is a thinker overall and will not rush into anything without weighing the pros and cons.

I’ve got to say that analyzing the birthdays for these politicians has shed a lot of light on who they really are. I found myself nodding and laughing at certain points and saying out loud, “Oh my God, no wonder!” Astrologically speaking, I would be more inclined to vote for Obama. While I appreciate the creativity and empathy Romney has to offer, loyalty comes first. Especially when we are talking about politics.

Romney is definitely devoted, but he’s not very rational. I am the type of person that can handle the truth whether it be good or bad. I personally don’t like to be lied to or have a situation sugar-coated. Romney might feel this necessary to “ensure safety” and although a small lie will start off innocent, it might build if they see they can get away with it once. I prefer someone who is up front and straight to the point. I also like people who pay attention to detail and don’t make any rash decisions. Neither of these candidates are too impulsive, but like I said earlier, Romney tends to go with his emotions, Obama, with his head. Going with your gut is important, but it should be a last resort. I want someone who carefully examines every possible outcome, not someone who is too emotionally driven and has vengeful tendencies.

Researching this was loads of fun, as anything that has to do with astrology always is for me, but I must confess that I ‘m not really involved in politics. The subject has never interested me and as much as I try to engage myself, I always give up feeling confused and bored. I understand that it’s our country and we should all get involved, but I find myself constantly asking these politicians, “who are you really?”

It’s quite incredible, the secrets you find when using this ancient science. You look for answers in the stars and suddenly it all makes sense, THAT’S why I like this person.

i would like u to meet somebody

i am no poet at all, but after reading another post about astrological physical traits, i was inspired to write something..this poem is dedicated to scorpio women everywhere..hopefully at least one will read this 


don’t be frightened by her pale skin, she is not a ghost.

and please do not stare at her nose. it grows from wisdom, not lies.

she doesn’t mean to be invasive, it’s just the way she looks at you

her freckles are scattered all around her body

and no, her widows peak does not mean she’s a vampire

she makes me laugh.. hard

she makes me cry.. inside 

she scares me

she is also my best friend.