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Fiery Skies-The Leo Eclipse


She was showing off two nights ago, before the snow storm here in New York. Fresh out of Cancer and into the fire…Leo that is.

Even as the moon was void of course, or in between signs, (roaming the sky freely as I like to imagine), she was clearly getting ready for the dramatic and demonstrative sign of Leo.

It saddened me that my camera phone could not capture her true beauty. A thin cloud strip was sliced across the night sky and there was even a rainbow halo glowing around her. Yes, a rainbow halo. At night.


Anyway, as many of you know, the Full Leo Moon eclipse is approaching in a few hours. While New Moons are times for reflection and manifesting, Full Moons are a time for change. We may feel inclined to show off our talents. This is an especially good time for those of us who are uncomfortable in the spotlight to step out of our comfort zone and strut our stuff.

Be careful of shallowness and short-sightedness. Don’t let pride get in the way of asking for help or listening to advice. This especially goes for those of us with Leo Moon or Sun.

The earth, between the two most influential celestial bodies, casts its shadow on the moon. The moon is our dark side, the emotions and instincts we keep hidden. This is a time where we are facing our emotions, literally forced to confront them. It’s best not to fight it. Accept imperfections. Use her energy to create. Lunar eclipses are a time of renewal, washing away the energy of the previous eclipse and bringing fourth a new energy.  The last lunar eclipse, which was in Pisces (September 16th, 2016), contained an inward energy, influencing us to escape the harsh realities of the material world and delve into the imagination.

Leo is not afraid to face the world, in fact it adores the attention, but the moon in this sign needs lots of approval. It is not uncommon during this time to want to live up to a grand image we have of ourselves.

This Lunar Eclipse will be further empowered by some other planets that, like Leo, are in the element of fire. There is a “grand fire trine” between the Moon in Leo and Venus and Mars both in Aries. The outer planets, Saturn and Uranus, are also in fiery Sagittarius and Aries. The fire element is passionate, aggressive, creative, enthusiastic, and energetic.

Very take charge.

Very full moon.

Use these positive energies to your advantage. Just be careful of explosive emotions and making quick assumptions.

All this fire action meshes well with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra, both air signs. The energy is very self- expressive, or masculine as the air and fire elements are categorized. The yang of Yin and Yang. These energies will most closely affect those of us who are fire and air dominant, especially fire.

Hmmm…perhaps this showoff-y moon is why I’m finally posting after a year! And that post was on the Full Leo Moon of 2016! Clearly, the Full Moon in this sign affects me creatively.

Hopefully being free of school now will make me a more consistent blogger. I really want to be. Astrology and writing have been my biggest passions for a very long time. Really, nothing makes me happier than to explore the planets in a psychological way and discuss it. So, thank you for visiting and enjoy the Leo Eclipse 🙂

A Night of Inspiration, The Full Leo Moon


For Chico.

Right now, I sit cooped up in my house as the snow rages on outside. It’s quite cozy and I would say being stuck inside is forcing me to write, but I think I have the moon to thank for that…and perhaps a guardian angel.

Although she isn’t visible at the moment, the first full moon of the year still has a strong influence and, being in Leo, it’s a creative, magnetic, winter wonderland tonight…

This week happened to be a rough, if not tragic, time. A very special soul I knew passed away on Tuesday. It was so sudden and tragic, I am still having difficulty accepting it. He touched so many people dearly and I always knew that, but it didn’t really hit me until I saw all the shared memories, photos, and videos on his Facebook page. Scrolling through these and seeing all of the many different people he touched brought me to tears. It also made me happy to know that he was so loved.

Leo, an especially expressive and loyal sign, is the ruler of the heart and mine has felt absolutely full of emotion today. The moon, ruler of emotions and natural instincts, is also full. The influence is magnified during this phase.

Full moon time calls for outward expression, purging of all kinds; laughter, crying, writing, cleaning. All of these “purges” are cleanses. I felt compelled to write something for my friend whose life was cut so short and I kept writing, feeling my creative impulses pour out of me almost effortlessly. It was a strange feeling, especially since it had been so long since I wrote just for myself. I worked on two pieces of fiction that I’ve been writing and it was as though I could feel him with me as I wrote, pushing me. He was an extremely creative and ambitious soul who always encouraged others to follow their dreams, like he did. I feel like he is still with me now, urging me to write this blog post.

It’s times like this where I really feel like the planets are talking to me. Death is so strange, so mysterious. I can’t prove in any tangible way that my friend’s soul is out there living on, but I feel him and I think the planets are helping with that, acting as some sort of bridge between the physical and spiritual plane. Just as the moon and sun’s gravitational pull moves the tides, it does the same to us. We are 75% water after all. Tonight I’m not fighting the urge to think or question anything. I’m only feeling.



Follow the Dark Waters, New Moon on 11/11


Tonight’s new moon will be in the watery sign of Scorpio. The date this new moon falls on is almost as mysterious as the new moon itself. No sign is associated more with darkness, transformation, and intensity than Scorpio.

My natal Mars (energy and assertion) and Pluto (transformation) are in Scorpio. These planets also rule the sign, so they are a strong influence in my chart. Scorpio qualities are intensified: a need for danger, resourcefulness, an interest in the occult.

11/11 OR 11:11 are special numbers to me because they add up to 4, my lucky numerology number. I consider it lucky because my entire birthday adds up to 4 and I was also born on the 4th of the month. Whenever I look at the clock and see 11:11, which is quite often, I always make a wish. So I was extra excited when I found out the new moon would be on 11/11.

When a new moon occurs, it can’t be seen from earth. It’s hiding in darkness, or in this case, submerged in the water. Scorpio is a water sign after all, so it feels, DEEPLY. It’s a great time to develop, create, manifest, set intentions…Think about the mad scientist in his lair (let’s just pretend he’s a Scorpio for good measure) working on his experiment, knowing full well it’s risky and dangerous, but do you think he cares? NO! Because it’s his passion. Risk excites Scorpio. We chase what we are most passionate about and our greatest passions usually come with lots of fear. This new moon wants us to let go of WHO we think we should be or WHAT we think we should do and go after what excites us! It’s also a good time to notice what is not working for us or bringing us down.

While full moons illuminate our emotions, bringing everything to the surface, new moons are a time for reflection. The qualities of Scorpio are reflected inward towards us, so we should take advantage of them. Let’s use that scorpion resourcefulness and make something out of nothing, we might surprise ourselves. Scorpio can be reckless and irrational, destroying everything in its path, but if we let go of what makes us unhappy, the negative qualities of this sign should not affect us. It is all or nothing, so let this new moon ignite your flame and uncover your deep, dark desires…


Lost Magic, Westeros vs. Western Society


What I love most about this trilogy is how their world is so much like our own. There are so many myths and tales that have been lost over the years that now, the modern human has become very cynical. Even in Martin’s books, which is reminicient to the Medieval era, many characters just don’t believe any more. They often mention how there are no more dragons and how the children of the forrest were made up by some old maid. Magic was something of the past and is lost among men.


As the novels progress, we begin to notice that the magic really isn’t dead, but has just been hiding for a while. One moment happens and then many creatures and powers follow afterwards. Things that were thought to be extinct or simply made up slowly start to reveal themselves. Was it the moment the Starks found the direwolf pups? Or maybe when Daenarys’ dragon babies hatched in the fire? Whatever triggered it, it hasn’t stopped and before we knew it, Bran is controlling his direwolf’s mind, there’s a zombie army beyond the Wall, and there is a man who has died seven times…or is it eight?


Valar morghulis.

Now, I’m not saying one day dragons will return, if they were ever here at all, but a thousand years ago and beyond… well we can’t really say what existed. This was a time where people looked at the sky for answers and certainly believed in magic. There were polytheist groups like ancient Egyptians and Greeks who had myths and remedies, but when Christianity was introduced it changed everything…

Looking back at history, the Middle Ages was also known as the Dark Ages. It was a harsh time, maybe the harshest era in history where religion mattered most and if the King commanded it, you were dead. Similar to the Game of Thrones novels, where the characters mainly believe in “the seven”. Knowledge of these seven gods is very important from the moment you can speak. Life as a royal is lavish, but strict. There is a lot expected of those who are in a royal family and even more who may one day sit the iron throne. It was the same for our history. A knight should fight gallantly in the field and protect the king at all costs, and a maiden must provide an heir. It wasn’t until the black plague that people began questioning this totalitarian view on life…


I suppose this is why the books and show have been so successful. The characters are relatable because that was us long ago…What is of course different about the seven kingdoms, is that the magic has returned. So were there ever really dragons, wargs, men with two faces? Who’s to say. We can never really know for sure, but maybe one day we’ll find out.

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Snowy Valentine


The talk of the town is of course the full Leo moon arriving tonight, just in time for Valentine’s day. What’s even more noteable is what the other planets are doing. This moon is square Saturn in Scorpio, making it more difficult to confront our demons. This definitely puts a damper on a normally vibrant moon, but I actually think it’s a great balance.

Scorpio (dark, secretive, transforming) taking over Saturn (stern, responsible, patient) wants us to open up and face our fears/doubts. I think this is a perfect time becasue it’s Valentine’s day, the day of love. The day that no one really wants to be all alone. Whether you celebrate with your significant other, your child, your parents, or your friends, this is a great time to communicate. In all relationships communication and honesty is of upmost importance and Scorpion Saturn is delivering that message. But it won’t be easy. It’s funny how the most important things can also be the most challenging…

The moon is also sextile with Mars (action) in Libra (relationships), so this is a perfect moment not just to enjoy yourself(Leo) but to show others some love as well. Mars says, don’t just talk about it, be about it. Be BRAVE. With Mercury(communication) retrograde in Pisces(illusions) it will be tough to face reality. We often dwell in the past and dream(Pisces) about what might happen next, but what better time than V-day to let go of the past and move on?!

Leo moon lives in the moment and wants all the attention. Let’s use that attention for the greater good. Lay out all your cards and stop hiding. Secrets only continue to build if they are not dealt with. Patient Saturn promises that practicing honesty and dealing with dilemma, will be rewarding in the long haul, delivering the type of relationships that last. So whether you are out with your future bride or at home with your little one, try to be open your HEART and express yourself.

Live and let love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂

Venus’ Rosey Orbits


Astronomy and astrology have always seemed to be at battle with one another. It’s the classic “science vs. religion” and many scientists argue that believing the planets have an affect on the way we feel is nonsense. Even though the practice of astrology dates back to ancient times and there has been much data to prove a significant relationship between humans and the stars, it is still rejected by many. Of course, most astrology-lovers know this is because many have yet to be enlightened. Not everything can just be coincidence or explained with physical evidence. Opening up your mind and accepting that there is a possibility is very powerful and broadens your horizons.

“Astronomers are fond of describing Venus as a barren, rock-strewn planet surrounded by boiling sulphuric acid vapour, when sneering at the tenets of astrology; implying that astrologers are incapable of looking at facts straight in the face. It would help them to develop beyond so sadly limited a viewpoint if they were to contemplate the marvellous significance of the Venus orbit.” – Nick Kollerstrom

When a friend told me about the rose patterns of Venus’ orbits, I decided to do some research. I guess I am the kind of person who “believes in magic” and I don’t think anything is just a coincidence. I found it so symbolic that Venus, planet of love and beauty, forms a perfect mandala around the Sun during her 8-year orbit. As seen in the video link below, it looks like a dance between Earth and Venus. Very beautiful and rare. As the Earth orbits around the Sun, the two planets meet, or “kiss”, 5 times for each rose petal. Although it’s just an 8-year cycle, this beautiful dance only takes place every 243 years!

Dancing of the planets around the Sun

Some refer to this time as the “return of the goddess” because, during the 8 year period (2004-2012 for our millenium), Venus is directly in line with the Earth, pushing her influence upon us. Open expression of love, art, and intuitive awareness. Venus loves unconditionally and does not judge and delivers a sense of peace and balance. I realize I’m a bit late to this news, but I found it so interesting, I wanted to talk about it. Any thoughts? Please feel free to enlighten me…



An entry is long over due so here it is.

I have heard of getting this jolt of inspiration that strikes you like a lightning bolt and causes you to just let out all these emotions and ideas you never even knew you had. A few months ago, this feeling stuck me and I couldn’t stop writing. Ideas kept coming into my head one after the other and it all spilled into this ode to astrology and love. Being in love is a wonderful feeling and it lifts you up, making you feel effortless and untouchable. (at least that’s how I feel). That state is like our universe; vast and uncharted. We are rational human beings who weigh the pros and cons and make well thought out decisions, but do we choose to be in love? Love, like the starry skies, cannot be explained so simply. It is a feeling that when you get it, you just know. There is no reasoning as to why, how, or who. It just is..

Sprawled across my rooftop, we lay still looking at one another.

The stars’ reflection bouncing off your pupils.

Your constellations staring deep into my milky way.

My comet grazing your horizon.

You pull my Saturn up against your Mars,

Wrapping your arms around my celestial body.

My hands aspecting your hands, your lips transiting my lips,

Bringing me to the moon and back.

Your fire deep inside my earth, my shooting star flying through your sun,

Exploding into a million specks of light.

My eclipses sending your cosmic force tingling down my spine.

I cast your horoscope, you read my cards.

I ride your Supernova, you taste my North Star.

Your galaxies ricocheting off my axis,

Following an orbit through my veins.

We are measureless, breathing deep into each other’s universe.

While the rest of the world is in opposition,

Our planetary alignment, like star-crossed lovers,

Your heart trine my heart, harmonious in the sky.

*written when the moon was in Aries trine venus in Sagittarius