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Astrology for the Good of the Realm

Aquarians Save the Realm


There is a theory that the world is beginning to shift consciousness. Letting go of the past masculine and logical way of thinking and evolving into a new feminine revival of spirit and oneness. Maybe this has to do with the new age of Aquarius and it seems to be happening in the Game of Thrones Series as well. With so much backstabbing and treachery, it’s easy to forget those that are trying to do what is right. At least what is right in their eyes…

Aquarius is the detached observer. Taking in others’ reactions from a safe distance, never getting too involved. They’re not ones to underestimate. They’re friendly, but aloof. Inventive, but obstinate. These distinguishable water bearing traits can be seen in a few key characters. I find myself often forgetting about these important players because they are so good at remaining under the radar. They all seem to have a hidden agenda to better the world somehow.


I pondered over Margaery Tyrell for a while. I thought she could possibly be a Libra with her diplomatic and charming qualities. But Margaery isn’t so involved with individuals, as she is with mankind as a whole. She said all the right words to Joffrey, befriended Sansa, and now she comforts Tommen, all for the good of the realm. Margaery is a humanitarian, a quality that is strongly associated with Aquarius. She wants to better the world, starting with ridding King’s Landing of an evil boy king and feeding the poor people of flea bottom, the most neglected part of the city. Although she’s affectionate towards Tommen, and seemed close with Sansa, Margaery is always looking at the bigger picture. Like her grandmother, Olenna- the Queen of Thorns (another Aquarian), she seeks out change rather than close relationships.


Eddard Stark: Tell me something, Varys. Who do you truly serve?
Varys: The realm, my lord. Someone must.

Varys always claims to be a servant to the realm. Just when you think he has a hand in sending Tyrion to his death and he’ll always remain Cersei’s faithful eunuch, he turns around to rescue the imp.  Like Margaery and Olenna, Varys remains detached from individuals, but appears to be their best friend. He offers help and gives good advice and seems offended when others doubt his sincerity. Many have wanted and tried desperately to take advantage of the spider’s talents, but he refuses to have any allegiances. Aquarians are on a quest for truth and revolutionary ideas. Their goal is to save this world from turmoil, not to be used by others.

A Song of Ice and Fire: A Sagittarius Eye View

It’s been a long hiatus, I know. I’m still learning to balance school, work, and just life in general.


I figured since the sun is now is Sagittarius, I would write about two of my favorite characters from Game of Thrones, who I believe must have been under the sign of travel and higher learning. I know, almost every character is my favorite in one way or another, but these two are very special to me.


The centaur, the archer…the warg. It is little wonder Bran would be born under this sign. He already fits the archetype being that he’s able to control the mind of others, including animals. He changes his skin often to feed his Sagittarian sense of adventure. Slipping in and out of his own skin would come natural for a mutable, or adaptable sign like Sagittarius. Those born under this sign are on a quest for knowledge and truth, which we have seen a lot in Bran. He is obviously destined for something special and will go above and beyond to find out what that something is. Although he doesn’t want to be remembered as “Bran the Broken”, he doesn’t let this fear get in the way of his self exploration. Bran fell into a deep depression after his accident and once he discovered he could slip into Summer’s skin, he took advantage as a way to escape his harsh reality. One might say he could be a Pisces, but I believe this was just a phase. Pisceans are wanderers and often discover who they are by accident. Once Bran realized what he was destined for, he has been on a constant search for hidden truths.

The gods could not kill Bran, no more than I could. –Theon (I really love this quote)


Though Bran doesn’t fit the typical bubbly Sagittarius nature, Asha Greyjoy sure does. She remains optimistic even in the most dismal of times, and the iron born have been going through some very…very dismal times. She can be found among her ships giving pep talks to her men and organizing her own Queensmoot. She can taste the victory so much that she promises it to others. This is true Sagittarian optimism at its best. Those born under this sign believe they are destined for greatness and  rarely settle for less. They have a serious need for travel and knowledge and are always looking at the bigger picture. Sagittarius is also a fire sign filled with lots of energy and an impulsive nature. I have seen these qualities a lot in both Bran and Asha, as they each throw themselves into situations without thinking. For instance, when Bran slips into another’s skin without hesitation and when Asha leads her men into battle. This can come in handy in the heat of the moment and really shows how much their confidence has grown, especially Bran.

*SPOILER* (For those who only watch the show, you might not understand how this next thought relates to Asha, but you will in the upcoming season.)

Jupiter, planet of luck, is the ruler of this sign and I feel that both these characters truly have the gods on their side. Honestly, each of them should have been dead by now, but they remain intact. Bran of course survived his fall and Asha narrowly escaped death in the wolfswood. Even as Stannis’ captive, she won’t give up. Not only are they each still alive, but they are still true to themselves. Actually, they have improved, displaying a sense of growth and achievement that all Sagittarians desire.  

Loyal Taureans in the Seven Kingdoms


The Westerosi bulls are quite a pack. They are a bunch you can depend on and would probably want on your side. Taurus is a stable, earthy sign, but unlike the other ambitious Capricorn and efficient Virgo, those born under this sign seek to cultivate a comfortable environment where they can live out the rest of their days, collecting possessions and clinging to what is theirs.


Ned Stark is the perfect example of Taurean attitude. The Lord of Winterfell maintained one of the greatest castles in the north and never wanted to be bothered with Kings Landing. Being King Robert’s hand didn’t interest him, but he felt a duty to protect him. Taurus’ are fiercely loyal friends and are usually very keen about other’s inner characters. As seen on the show and the books, Ned is portrayed as quiet and at times even solemn, but when around those he trusts, he opens up and we see his warmth. Taurus recognizes real and, unlike other signs who can change face or play a certain part, they have difficulty pretending. It is little wonder poor Ned didn’t last long in the game of thrones.


Physically, Taureans are described as generally big people. Broad-backed/shouldered or tall. Brienne of Tarth is all of that and then some. She is certainly stubborn to a fault, another notorious fixed sign trait, but especially when we’re discussing bulls. People born under this sign are grounded (earth) and want to serve a specific purpose, but it is also a sign of extremities. Like the peaceful bull grazing who is provoked one too many times, she is capable of going from zero to sixty if the wrong button is pressed. Before Brienne was in service to Lady Catalyn, she fought loyally for Renly Baratheon. After being wrongly accused for his death, she owed her life to Cat, the only person who knew the truth. Even after Catalyn’s death, Brienne still fights in her honor. She is not interested and gold and glory, she is simply setting out what she came to do.


Ser Jorah Mormont is the archetypal Taurean, especially when reading the books. He is described as big, burly, and hairy. Daenerys even sweetly calls him her “bear” as he is strong, yet very loving and protective. Although originally sent to spy on the mother of dragons, Jorah had a change of heart, quite literally, as he fell in love and vowed to serve Dany. As mentioned before, it has been my experience that Taurus is a sign that has difficulty playing a role. They either are or they aren’t and they will stubbornly follow their hearts, while slowly pursuing their goals. Ser Jorah is the perfect example of this as he recognizes the good in Dany and her cause. He doesn’t have many selfish or ambitious thoughts. He only wants to win her trust back.


To me, Ser Davos is the definition of a best friend. Like a true Taurus, he quickly recognizes Stannis’ cause and sees that he is a just man. He has ultimately shed his past life as a smuggler and has become the  king’s right-hand man. Davos may not be the most intellectual man, but he is wise beyond his years and will fight for Stannis till the death. Stannis knows this very well and makes sure to always have Davos by his side. I think this relationship is one of the best examples of true friendship in the realm. They are both earth signs, but while Stannis reaches for the sky, Davos’ main concern is for justice to be served. When reading his chapters or even watching the show, I often thought Davos a stubborn fool for being so loyal. I thought for sure the red priestess would advise Stannis to sacrifice him to R’ollor, but Davos is not afraid what others think. He sticks up for what he believes in no matter what and like the other Taureans, he is no pretender.


When compared with the rest of the bulls, the Hound isn’t really the kindest, but we learn he isn’t completely evil. True to Taurus nature, he sticks to his duty for a long time until it has just run its course . He made a name for himself with the Lannisters, building(Taurus) a fierce reputation. However, as soon as those wildfires crept across the Blackwater, Sandor Clegane was done. His service was no longer needed as far as he was concerned, but he still felt somewhat responsible for sweet Sansa and even tried to rescue the “little bird”. Similar to the other bulls’ possesive tendencies, the Hound clings to Arya and eventually develops a soft spot for her. Unlike his ruthless brother, Gregor, who pretty much never stops, Sandor is tired and just wants to live the rest of his life in peace and comfort.

So much for that.


Scorpio Targaryen and the Dark Side of the Realm


Well, I’m finally done with  A Dance with Dragons and I just can’t believe how consumed I’ve become by this world. I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty agonizing wait for Winds of Winter to come out, but until then I will keep disecting all my favorite characters. However, I won’t discuss anything past the show, so all the G.O.T lovers can enjoy these posts without any spoilers. So if you are up-to-date with the show or you just don’t care please enjoy my take on the sun signs of Westeros. Because the books are so complex, I grew really attached to the characters and began imagining their zodiac signs…


Those born under this sign have always exuded an air of mystery to them and you never quite know what’s up their sleeve. Like the other fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo) Scorpio is one of extremeties. Sometimes, just downright reckless. It is either black or white with them, rarely a gray area, which also makes them a powerful force to be reckoned with.  This sign has two ruling planets, Mars being the primary and Pluto the secondary. Although Mars is considered a very masculine planet of energy and control, Scorpio is considered a feminine sign, so those born under it contain a depth that many of us fail to reach, sort of like a bottomless well. Then Pluto, which is considered the power planet, combines with Mars’ initiation making for a pretty dynamic sign.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Review

We grow up with Daenerys and watch her change from a scared child to a powerful woman. Although unsure of herself at first, she eventually realizes who she was meant to be: Mother of dragons and heir to the iron throne. She is confident in who she is and what she is entitled to, stubbornly not following the advice others, but rather what is in her heart. She often listens to Ser Jorah, her long-time confidant, but she ultimately makes her own decisions, even when he advises her not to. Hence, sending him on his way after discovering he was informing on her. Scorpios do not take betrayl lightly. Like a true Scorpion queen, it is really all or nothing for Dany. There is little room for compromise and this is where the Scorpio extremities come into play: Freeing of all slaves, conquering all cities, protecting her people at all costs. She certainly uses her power wisely and is a kind soul, bringing out the very sensitive and loyal traits of this sign. She often refers to her people (and her dragons of course) as her children. She takes this motherly role seriously, feeling very responsible for all of them and would die before she goes back on her word.


Unlike his Capricorn family members, Joffrey doesn’t really think about things for the long term. His main concern is power and now, as king, he can finally use (and abuse) that power. Scorpio is typically labeled a “dark” sign, but Joff takes this label up a notch. One could say that if his aura had a color, well, it would be black. From the moment he was born, Cersei placed him on the highest pedestal, adding more fuel to his arrogant soul. Joffrey has always believed that he was born, no, chosen by the gods, to rule. Scorpio, being a fixed sign, is reluctant to change. We certainly see this stubborness, especially when he can’t have his way or exercise his authority the way he sees fit. Like a true Scorpio, he does everything in extremity, violently maintaining control (Mars) and severely threatened by those who try to undermine him. Joffrey takes any advice as a slight to his authority. Scorpios do not like to feel threatened and can react jealously and possessively, especially when they are used to having their way. Thus, Joff has never seen anything wrong with the way he thinks or his actions, which ultimately lead to his excruciating death. What goes around, comes around.


Mystery and transformation are popular words associated with Scorpio and one character that quickly comes to mind when I think of these words is Melisandre. She knows her power (Pluto) and intends to use it for the greater good. (Or at least that is what she thinks she’s doing). There is still little I know about Melisandre and she only just started having her own chapters in the book, so it’s a bit difficult to understand the way she thinks, but everything about her just screams Scorpio to me. She refuses to give in to others’ beliefs and has complete faith in R’hollor and her service to him. She is so sure of his existence and always speaks with such intensity, that it’s hard to not pay attention. The moment she birthed the shadow that murdered Renly, I had pretty much made up my mind on her sign. Talk about going to the extreme. Stannis knows how useful (Capricorn) she is and in turn, she is fiercely loyal to him. They both make for a very mysterious and unbreakable force, not letting just anyone in on their plans. However, the red priestess has a special gift and sometimes even the king doesn’t know what she has hidden up her sleeve. Melisandre seems to be full of secrets and much like Scorpios, plays her cards carefully, always maintaining a good poker face.


Westerosi Geminis, True Rulers of the Realm


A post is long overdue. Especially one for Tyrion. He was probably the inspiration for discovering Westerosi Zodiac signs, as he was the first sign I came up with. To me, it was obvious from the start that the Imp was a Gemini. Quick witted, jack of all trades, able to put on the right face for any situation. All strong Gemini traits. Funny that the actor himself was also born under the sign of the twins. This seems to be true with other characters in the Game of Thrones series. Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) is also an Aries, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) is also a Pisces, and at least one other I have yet to write about. I will save that for another post.


Tyrion, although the smallest character, probably has the biggest personality. As seen in the show, especially these last few episodes, he stands up for what he thinks is right no matter what, but he is very clever in that he understands not many people care about what an imp has to say. A Gemini mind is often filled with many ideas at once, some a bit far-fetched. Tyrion, however, is very manipulative, using his words to sway the decisions of those in highest power. This is a Gemini’s strongest gift. With Mercury’s communicative influence, a person born under this sign is able to convince many of their ideas. Let’s face it, Tyrion could rule the Seven Kingdoms very well if he were allowed. Geminis are extremely knowledgable about the way things work and are very quick thinkers. The Imp has certainly outwitted many people in Westeros and his Gemini gifts enable him to see things from every point of view, rather than just his own shoes.



Cunning and calculating are good words to describe Petyr Baelish and also very fitting for Gemini. I struggled with Lord Baelish’s sign for a while, but his way with words convinced me he was born under the sign of the twins. In fact, it would be a very close verbal battle between him and Tyrion. Petyr has obviously accomplished alot by using his Gemini traits to his advantage and perhaps Tyrion would have been as successful had he not been born a dwarf. (And despised by most of his family). Aside from Varys, Petyr seems to be the only one using every single person as a pawn to get where he needs to be. He is extremely clever and always knows the right words to say. Even fellow Gemini, Tyrion fell for Petyr’s tricks. Littlefinger is definitely more ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants, but he does seem to have a soft side. We know he was in love with Catelyn Stark and now perhaps is reflecting that love onto Sansa, but we never do really know what he’s feeling, do we? He is careful with concealing his feelings and keeping us guessing. Unlike the other two very ruthless characters, Tywin and Cersei, who bide their precious Capricorn time, Petyr is not content to sit around and wait. He makes quick, intellectual decisions and always remains a step ahead of everyone else.

True to Gemini form, there is little these two don’t know. Geminis dibble and dabble in a vast range of things. It can be seen in the books as well as the show that both Tyrion and Littlefinger are very knowledgeable of ideals and culture beyond Westeros. They understand that knowledge is power and the more they gain, the farther they will succeed.

A Piscean Escape from Westeros


As promised, I will continue with more Westerosi sun sign fun. I didn’t want to go this long without a post, but deciding to take six classes this semester really took a toll on my blogging. Thank gods for spring break. There was a lot of Piscean action going on not too long ago and it inspired me to write about Sansa Stark, who is the only Pisces I could think of so far. There don’t seem to be many in the seven kingdoms, so there is definitely something special about the maiden of Winterfell…

Unlike her courageous sister, Sansa prefers to escape the harsh realities of the world rather than face them. When I think of Pisceans, I think of a place where dreams and imagination take over, which can produce a wonderful creature, like sweet Sansa. She is gentle, kind and caring, refusing to believe that these traits cannot take her anywhere.



But this is the Game of Thrones.

Even as her family drops dead one by one, Sansa cannot let go of her dream. That one day she will be saved by some gallant knight. So she waits in her bed chamber, even after she is tortured by Joffrey, even after she is betrothed to a Lannister, the family that helped murder her mother and brother, she still waits. She continues to play the role of a dutiful wife to her imp husband, all the while dreaming that she will be rescued from all this.


True to Piscean nature, she refuses to believe that everyone in this world is as heartless as the ones she’s been so unfortunate to come across. Are there any good people in this world? Yes, but not all are good. This is the awful truth that Sansa is slowly learning. Taught by her virtuous parents that honor and duty is most important, the result was a purely good child, but also a very naive one. One thing the Starks did not teach, and seemed to be unaware of themselves, is that people lie and betrayl is common in the seven kingdoms, where many sell their souls for gold. However, like Arya, Sansa is her own person and although they both grew up in the same house hold, they continue to approach situations very differently. This is what makes astrology such an insightful tool to uncovering characteristics.


Lost Magic, Westeros vs. Western Society


What I love most about this trilogy is how their world is so much like our own. There are so many myths and tales that have been lost over the years that now, the modern human has become very cynical. Even in Martin’s books, which is reminicient to the Medieval era, many characters just don’t believe any more. They often mention how there are no more dragons and how the children of the forrest were made up by some old maid. Magic was something of the past and is lost among men.


As the novels progress, we begin to notice that the magic really isn’t dead, but has just been hiding for a while. One moment happens and then many creatures and powers follow afterwards. Things that were thought to be extinct or simply made up slowly start to reveal themselves. Was it the moment the Starks found the direwolf pups? Or maybe when Daenarys’ dragon babies hatched in the fire? Whatever triggered it, it hasn’t stopped and before we knew it, Bran is controlling his direwolf’s mind, there’s a zombie army beyond the Wall, and there is a man who has died seven times…or is it eight?


Valar morghulis.

Now, I’m not saying one day dragons will return, if they were ever here at all, but a thousand years ago and beyond… well we can’t really say what existed. This was a time where people looked at the sky for answers and certainly believed in magic. There were polytheist groups like ancient Egyptians and Greeks who had myths and remedies, but when Christianity was introduced it changed everything…

Looking back at history, the Middle Ages was also known as the Dark Ages. It was a harsh time, maybe the harshest era in history where religion mattered most and if the King commanded it, you were dead. Similar to the Game of Thrones novels, where the characters mainly believe in “the seven”. Knowledge of these seven gods is very important from the moment you can speak. Life as a royal is lavish, but strict. There is a lot expected of those who are in a royal family and even more who may one day sit the iron throne. It was the same for our history. A knight should fight gallantly in the field and protect the king at all costs, and a maiden must provide an heir. It wasn’t until the black plague that people began questioning this totalitarian view on life…


I suppose this is why the books and show have been so successful. The characters are relatable because that was us long ago…What is of course different about the seven kingdoms, is that the magic has returned. So were there ever really dragons, wargs, men with two faces? Who’s to say. We can never really know for sure, but maybe one day we’ll find out.

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