Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky

My First Sound Healing at Arte Visionario


A couple of weeks ago, a friend lured me to an event on 26th Street. I was reluctant at first, feeling lazy on my couch in Bushwick. I rarely attend events in Manhattan anymore, but as I viewed the event page on Facebook, something told me I wouldn’t want to miss this.

As I took the elevator to the fifth floor, I could hear the bass of deep house music playing, my personal sound healing, and started getting very excited. The elevator doors opened into Contra Studios, a production studio space used for various events. The DJ, Nordvolk, was playing his set beside a beautiful mandala painting that hung on the wall. A lamp beneath it, changed colors, causing the mandala to change colors as well. There was shamanic artwork all around me, mostly by Myztico Campo, a visionary shamanic artist working in the UV/3D realm, and The Art Rising, an artist duo who collaborates with indigenous artists. Someone gave me a pair of 3D glasses so I could view the artwork differently. The colors and geometric shapes were striking, bringing me back to my ayahuasca ceremony in Peru.


Natalia Zamparini did Henna tattoos at a table near the entrance. There were  beautiful feather and sacred stone earrings made by Featherwolf NYC. A small bar made special cocktails and there was a table with fresh fruit, chocolate and caramel. It was truly a night where all the senses could be indulged. The best part for me was that it was intimate. I expected to walk into a huge space with more than a hundred people, but it felt more like home. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, hugging each other and engaging in conversations.


The final hour was dedicated to the sound healing workshop and meditation. We all helped spread yoga blankets on the floor and took off our shoes, facing the friendly and quirky Adriana Santiago La Luz. She was dressed in a sparkling white body suit, her face glowing with energy. She sat down on the floor with us, a powerpoint presentation behind her, and explained the science of sound healing.


Sound and light waves constantly influence our body and environment and all molecules in the universe vibrate to their own frequencies. Even our own organs have their own particular frequencies. The particle waves around us can affect our body in both positive and negative ways. Sound healing seeks to balance the natural frequencies of our body by using the voice and different instruments like tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls. It is an ancient practice that has become popular in the United States over the last fifteen years or so.


Adriana sang to us and we all chanted together. The sound waves of all our voices together felt very soothing. For half an hour, we lay on our backs while various instruments were used. Adriana and other volunteers walked around the room with the instruments, the aroma of palo santo filling the air. Eucalyptus oil was rubbed into my temples, as the recorded sound of a stream played, then changed to something else. My body felt calm and in tune with the sounds around me. The sound of water was especially relaxing, reminding me of the rainforest.

When the meditation was over, the floor was cleared and we danced to the sounds of Nordvolk once again. The collaborative event embodied that sense of oneness that is the essence of sound healing. Our energies are connected, not just to each other, but to all other molecules in the universe.





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