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Fiery Skies-The Leo Eclipse


She was showing off two nights ago, before the snow storm here in New York. Fresh out of Cancer and into the fire…Leo that is.

Even as the moon was void of course, or in between signs, (roaming the sky freely as I like to imagine), she was clearly getting ready for the dramatic and demonstrative sign of Leo.

It saddened me that my camera phone could not capture her true beauty. A thin cloud strip was sliced across the night sky and there was even a rainbow halo glowing around her. Yes, a rainbow halo. At night.


Anyway, as many of you know, the Full Leo Moon eclipse is approaching in a few hours. While New Moons are times for reflection and manifesting, Full Moons are a time for change. We may feel inclined to show off our talents. This is an especially good time for those of us who are uncomfortable in the spotlight to step out of our comfort zone and strut our stuff.

Be careful of shallowness and short-sightedness. Don’t let pride get in the way of asking for help or listening to advice. This especially goes for those of us with Leo Moon or Sun.

The earth, between the two most influential celestial bodies, casts its shadow on the moon. The moon is our dark side, the emotions and instincts we keep hidden. This is a time where we are facing our emotions, literally forced to confront them. It’s best not to fight it. Accept imperfections. Use her energy to create. Lunar eclipses are a time of renewal, washing away the energy of the previous eclipse and bringing fourth a new energy.  The last lunar eclipse, which was in Pisces (September 16th, 2016), contained an inward energy, influencing us to escape the harsh realities of the material world and delve into the imagination.

Leo is not afraid to face the world, in fact it adores the attention, but the moon in this sign needs lots of approval. It is not uncommon during this time to want to live up to a grand image we have of ourselves.

This Lunar Eclipse will be further empowered by some other planets that, like Leo, are in the element of fire. There is a “grand fire trine” between the Moon in Leo and Venus and Mars both in Aries. The outer planets, Saturn and Uranus, are also in fiery Sagittarius and Aries. The fire element is passionate, aggressive, creative, enthusiastic, and energetic.

Very take charge.

Very full moon.

Use these positive energies to your advantage. Just be careful of explosive emotions and making quick assumptions.

All this fire action meshes well with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra, both air signs. The energy is very self- expressive, or masculine as the air and fire elements are categorized. The yang of Yin and Yang. These energies will most closely affect those of us who are fire and air dominant, especially fire.

Hmmm…perhaps this showoff-y moon is why I’m finally posting after a year! And that post was on the Full Leo Moon of 2016! Clearly, the Full Moon in this sign affects me creatively.

Hopefully being free of school now will make me a more consistent blogger. I really want to be. Astrology and writing have been my biggest passions for a very long time. Really, nothing makes me happier than to explore the planets in a psychological way and discuss it. So, thank you for visiting and enjoy the Leo Eclipse 🙂


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