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A Night of Inspiration, The Full Leo Moon


For Chico.

Right now, I sit cooped up in my house as the snow rages on outside. It’s quite cozy and I would say being stuck inside is forcing me to write, but I think I have the moon to thank for that…and perhaps a guardian angel.

Although she isn’t visible at the moment, the first full moon of the year still has a strong influence and, being in Leo, it’s a creative, magnetic, winter wonderland tonight…

This week happened to be a rough, if not tragic, time. A very special soul I knew passed away on Tuesday. It was so sudden and tragic, I am still having difficulty accepting it. He touched so many people dearly and I always knew that, but it didn’t really hit me until I saw all the shared memories, photos, and videos on his Facebook page. Scrolling through these and seeing all of the many different people he touched brought me to tears. It also made me happy to know that he was so loved.

Leo, an especially expressive and loyal sign, is the ruler of the heart and mine has felt absolutely full of emotion today. The moon, ruler of emotions and natural instincts, is also full. The influence is magnified during this phase.

Full moon time calls for outward expression, purging of all kinds; laughter, crying, writing, cleaning. All of these “purges” are cleanses. I felt compelled to write something for my friend whose life was cut so short and I kept writing, feeling my creative impulses pour out of me almost effortlessly. It was a strange feeling, especially since it had been so long since I wrote just for myself. I worked on two pieces of fiction that I’ve been writing and it was as though I could feel him with me as I wrote, pushing me. He was an extremely creative and ambitious soul who always encouraged others to follow their dreams, like he did. I feel like he is still with me now, urging me to write this blog post.

It’s times like this where I really feel like the planets are talking to me. Death is so strange, so mysterious. I can’t prove in any tangible way that my friend’s soul is out there living on, but I feel him and I think the planets are helping with that, acting as some sort of bridge between the physical and spiritual plane. Just as the moon and sun’s gravitational pull moves the tides, it does the same to us. We are 75% water after all. Tonight I’m not fighting the urge to think or question anything. I’m only feeling.




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