Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky

Follow the Dark Waters, New Moon on 11/11


Tonight’s new moon will be in the watery sign of Scorpio. The date this new moon falls on is almost as mysterious as the new moon itself. No sign is associated more with darkness, transformation, and intensity than Scorpio.

My natal Mars (energy and assertion) and Pluto (transformation) are in Scorpio. These planets also rule the sign, so they are a strong influence in my chart. Scorpio qualities are intensified: a need for danger, resourcefulness, an interest in the occult.

11/11 OR 11:11 are special numbers to me because they add up to 4, my lucky numerology number. I consider it lucky because my entire birthday adds up to 4 and I was also born on the 4th of the month. Whenever I look at the clock and see 11:11, which is quite often, I always make a wish. So I was extra excited when I found out the new moon would be on 11/11.

When a new moon occurs, it can’t be seen from earth. It’s hiding in darkness, or in this case, submerged in the water. Scorpio is a water sign after all, so it feels, DEEPLY. It’s a great time to develop, create, manifest, set intentions…Think about the mad scientist in his lair (let’s just pretend he’s a Scorpio for good measure) working on his experiment, knowing full well it’s risky and dangerous, but do you think he cares? NO! Because it’s his passion. Risk excites Scorpio. We chase what we are most passionate about and our greatest passions usually come with lots of fear. This new moon wants us to let go of WHO we think we should be or WHAT we think we should do and go after what excites us! It’s also a good time to notice what is not working for us or bringing us down.

While full moons illuminate our emotions, bringing everything to the surface, new moons are a time for reflection. The qualities of Scorpio are reflected inward towards us, so we should take advantage of them. Let’s use that scorpion resourcefulness and make something out of nothing, we might surprise ourselves. Scorpio can be reckless and irrational, destroying everything in its path, but if we let go of what makes us unhappy, the negative qualities of this sign should not affect us. It is all or nothing, so let this new moon ignite your flame and uncover your deep, dark desires…


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