Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky

When No One is Looking


(Google Image of Joan of Arc, famous Cap woman)

I was itching to post last night, but for some reason my internet would not work. Luckily, everything is back to normal now and I can share my experience of the inspiring moon with you.

I don’t usually guess what zodiac sign the moon might be occupying, but she looked particularly chilly last night. Something about her cautious, purposeful demeanor told me she was in Capricorn. I checked my calendar and sure enough, she was as I suspected. Never have a felt such a strong connection to the universe than last night. It was as if we were communicating with each other.

As I looked up at her. I couldn’t help but notice her light breaking through tiny pieces of clouds. She quickly hid behind more, aware of my staring. I was too obvious. Disappointed, I went back to my bed and covered myself too. Before I shut my eyes I took one last glance, only to see that she was out again, shining in all her glory.

When the moon is in Capricorn, she is in her detriment. Capricorn is prestigious, determined, responsible. The moon, ruled by Cancer, is the nurturing mother, our natural instincts. Capricorn wants to control, the moon wants to relinquish control and feel.

Is it not fitting that yesterday was Woman’s Equality day? Capricorn woman is the epitome of strength and independence, but she is rarely confident and impulsive like Aries. She is modest and calculating, carefully approaching new endeavors with well thought out plans, only entering the unknown if she feels safe. Last night, this sign housed the most emotional and nurturing celestial body, revealing herself only when I wasn’t looking. Or when she thought I wasn’t looking. But having my sun in Capricorn (and being a lunar Cancer), I understand how she feels. It’s only when all eyes are not on me that I can really let my hair down and be free.

Enter Aquarius moon, our zany, independent woman. She isn’t as worried about letting it all hang out.


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