Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky

Indulging in the Self while Venus Goes Retrograde


Venus, goddess of love and beauty, can be a bit blinding and her planet in retrograde threatens our ability to see through the haze. This is a difficult time to determine the fate of a relationship because the planet of marriage and partnerships is twirling backwards.

I like to think of her as some enchanting fairy, luring you into the forest. It’s so tempting to follow her into the unknown.


Venus rules the 2nd house of finances and 7th house of companionship, so any major investments or wedding plans should only be thought about, not acted upon.
I wouldn’t worry about a solid relationship or plans that have been in the works for a while already. This is a time to be cautious about signing contracts, making a big career move, and handling past or new lovers. Or maybe both! Venus is roaming right now. She doesn’t know what she wants and you probably don’t either, so save any life altering choices for mid- September if you can.

The two beauty signs combine their elements during this time where we contemplate on whether to let go or move forward. Are we holding on to something or someone, unsure of what to do?
The logical, or Libran, side to Venus, asks us to re-evaluate. Weigh the pros and cons of the situation before we make a rash decision.
The earthy side to Venus (aka Taurus), demands that we cultivate a quality life worth living. Hold on to the things and people that bring you joy, for this can only do your own character good.

I’ve noticed that myself and many friends have been very inward lately. Venus is a friendly planet, but in retrograde, she slows down and travels in the opposite direction. This is a time to self reflect and lay out our options. I find myself putting much less energy into others or social activities and it feels good to put that energy into myself.

I find it interesting that, unlike most summers, this summer has been completely dedicated to myself. I don’t even have a trip planned, which is very unusual. But I don’t even mind. I’ve been getting a lot done and it feels relieving to know that so many obstacles will be behind me come September. Maybe then I will start planning a trip 😉

Even though Venus retrograde begins July 25th (approximately 5:29am) I am sure most people have started to feel it already and even when she’s direct again by September 6th, we will still be in her shadow. She will be adjusting to her new rhythm, as will we. I would save any major decisions for AFTER this time if possible, especially if it’s matters of the heart. Or real estate! She will also be in the sign of Leo for most of this period, as will the sun, so we will be welcoming special attention thrown our way, maybe even seek it out. Venus is also the planet of creativity and Leo is an especially creative sign. Why not take this self- reflective time to tap into our artistic side?

I can also feel Venus tempting me. She is bringing people into my life, both old and new and I find myself indulging in the attention. Beware of her deceit. She is very seductive and many people from our past like to pop up during this time.

Remember: She is dancing in a backward motion, so her guidance cannot be trusted. Think of this when you find yourself faced with a difficult decision during this period, and put it off if you can. Give yourself some love instead.


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