Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky

Aquarians Save the Realm


There is a theory that the world is beginning to shift consciousness. Letting go of the past masculine and logical way of thinking and evolving into a new feminine revival of spirit and oneness. Maybe this has to do with the new age of Aquarius and it seems to be happening in the Game of Thrones Series as well. With so much backstabbing and treachery, it’s easy to forget those that are trying to do what is right. At least what is right in their eyes…

Aquarius is the detached observer. Taking in others’ reactions from a safe distance, never getting too involved. They’re not ones to underestimate. They’re friendly, but aloof. Inventive, but obstinate. These distinguishable water bearing traits can be seen in a few key characters. I find myself often forgetting about these important players because they are so good at remaining under the radar. They all seem to have a hidden agenda to better the world somehow.


I pondered over Margaery Tyrell for a while. I thought she could possibly be a Libra with her diplomatic and charming qualities. But Margaery isn’t so involved with individuals, as she is with mankind as a whole. She said all the right words to Joffrey, befriended Sansa, and now she comforts Tommen, all for the good of the realm. Margaery is a humanitarian, a quality that is strongly associated with Aquarius. She wants to better the world, starting with ridding King’s Landing of an evil boy king and feeding the poor people of flea bottom, the most neglected part of the city. Although she’s affectionate towards Tommen, and seemed close with Sansa, Margaery is always looking at the bigger picture. Like her grandmother, Olenna- the Queen of Thorns (another Aquarian), she seeks out change rather than close relationships.


Eddard Stark: Tell me something, Varys. Who do you truly serve?
Varys: The realm, my lord. Someone must.

Varys always claims to be a servant to the realm. Just when you think he has a hand in sending Tyrion to his death and he’ll always remain Cersei’s faithful eunuch, he turns around to rescue the imp.  Like Margaery and Olenna, Varys remains detached from individuals, but appears to be their best friend. He offers help and gives good advice and seems offended when others doubt his sincerity. Many have wanted and tried desperately to take advantage of the spider’s talents, but he refuses to have any allegiances. Aquarians are on a quest for truth and revolutionary ideas. Their goal is to save this world from turmoil, not to be used by others.


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