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A Song of Ice and Fire: A Sagittarius Eye View

It’s been a long hiatus, I know. I’m still learning to balance school, work, and just life in general.


I figured since the sun is now is Sagittarius, I would write about two of my favorite characters from Game of Thrones, who I believe must have been under the sign of travel and higher learning. I know, almost every character is my favorite in one way or another, but these two are very special to me.


The centaur, the archer…the warg. It is little wonder Bran would be born under this sign. He already fits the archetype being that he’s able to control the mind of others, including animals. He changes his skin often to feed his Sagittarian sense of adventure. Slipping in and out of his own skin would come natural for a mutable, or adaptable sign like Sagittarius. Those born under this sign are on a quest for knowledge and truth, which we have seen a lot in Bran. He is obviously destined for something special and will go above and beyond to find out what that something is. Although he doesn’t want to be remembered as “Bran the Broken”, he doesn’t let this fear get in the way of his self exploration. Bran fell into a deep depression after his accident and once he discovered he could slip into Summer’s skin, he took advantage as a way to escape his harsh reality. One might say he could be a Pisces, but I believe this was just a phase. Pisceans are wanderers and often discover who they are by accident. Once Bran realized what he was destined for, he has been on a constant search for hidden truths.

The gods could not kill Bran, no more than I could. –Theon (I really love this quote)


Though Bran doesn’t fit the typical bubbly Sagittarius nature, Asha Greyjoy sure does. She remains optimistic even in the most dismal of times, and the iron born have been going through some very…very dismal times. She can be found among her ships giving pep talks to her men and organizing her own Queensmoot. She can taste the victory so much that she promises it to others. This is true Sagittarian optimism at its best. Those born under this sign believe they are destined for greatness and  rarely settle for less. They have a serious need for travel and knowledge and are always looking at the bigger picture. Sagittarius is also a fire sign filled with lots of energy and an impulsive nature. I have seen these qualities a lot in both Bran and Asha, as they each throw themselves into situations without thinking. For instance, when Bran slips into another’s skin without hesitation and when Asha leads her men into battle. This can come in handy in the heat of the moment and really shows how much their confidence has grown, especially Bran.

*SPOILER* (For those who only watch the show, you might not understand how this next thought relates to Asha, but you will in the upcoming season.)

Jupiter, planet of luck, is the ruler of this sign and I feel that both these characters truly have the gods on their side. Honestly, each of them should have been dead by now, but they remain intact. Bran of course survived his fall and Asha narrowly escaped death in the wolfswood. Even as Stannis’ captive, she won’t give up. Not only are they each still alive, but they are still true to themselves. Actually, they have improved, displaying a sense of growth and achievement that all Sagittarians desire.  


2 responses

  1. Bran & Wargs fascinate me, mutable power indeed. Well done.
    See a bit of centaur Chiron also. (I haven’t read the books). Anxious to learn more of 3 Eyed Raven. Whole thing smacks of Odin & Yggdrasil I love it !


    December 2, 2014 at 5:22 pm

  2. Welcome back from your hiatus! I always enjoy your Game of Thrones articles


    December 2, 2014 at 10:27 pm

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