Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky

A Belizean Adventure


This was the view from the top of the Mayan temple in Caracol, the largest archaeological site in Belize. All I have now are these wonderful memories to take me back…

If an adventure to some far away place presents itself, I usually jump at the opportunity. I have packed up and left when I probably should have saved that last bit of money. Luckily this trip didn’t burn a whole in my wallet at all and was mostly funded by Bronx Community College. Two days after I graduated, I was off to spend two weeks in Belize.

In exchange for our assistance on an archaeological excavation, two other students and I got to go to Belize for only $300. We stayed in Chiclero camp, a campsite down the road from Chiclero Hotel in San Ignacio. This mural was in downtown San Ignacio, where we’d go for dinner every night.
The much smaller and more mysterious site of Cahal Pech that rested right by our camp. Its intricate pathways were more unkempt than the vast site of Xunantunich (below) with the its famous temple, El Castillo.



Cleaning of the artifacts was a nice break from digging in the grueling sun all day. Discovering shards of pottery definitely made that and the pruned fingers worth while.


Walking through Caracol, we passed by what was once a reservoir for the ancient Maya.

Mercury in retrograde threatened our last day in Belize. A friend and I decided to escape to the island of Caye Caulker before I had to go home and made plans to go snorkeling, which fell through. Luckily, we met Ninja, a local fisherman who took us on his boat with his wife and others.

Our boat was filled with different people staying at the local hostel. Some were from France, others from Australia. One woman had been backpacking for the past three months.

That night, we ate fresh caught snapper and yellowtail under the full Sagittarian moon on a Friday, the 13th of June. Perhaps it was the luck bestowed by Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet that helped everything fall into place.


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