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Westerosi Geminis, True Rulers of the Realm


A post is long overdue. Especially one for Tyrion. He was probably the inspiration for discovering Westerosi Zodiac signs, as he was the first sign I came up with. To me, it was obvious from the start that the Imp was a Gemini. Quick witted, jack of all trades, able to put on the right face for any situation. All strong Gemini traits. Funny that the actor himself was also born under the sign of the twins. This seems to be true with other characters in the Game of Thrones series. Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) is also an Aries, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) is also a Pisces, and at least one other I have yet to write about. I will save that for another post.


Tyrion, although the smallest character, probably has the biggest personality. As seen in the show, especially these last few episodes, he stands up for what he thinks is right no matter what, but he is very clever in that he understands not many people care about what an imp has to say. A Gemini mind is often filled with many ideas at once, some a bit far-fetched. Tyrion, however, is very manipulative, using his words to sway the decisions of those in highest power. This is a Gemini’s strongest gift. With Mercury’s communicative influence, a person born under this sign is able to convince many of their ideas. Let’s face it, Tyrion could rule the Seven Kingdoms very well if he were allowed. Geminis are extremely knowledgable about the way things work and are very quick thinkers. The Imp has certainly outwitted many people in Westeros and his Gemini gifts enable him to see things from every point of view, rather than just his own shoes.



Cunning and calculating are good words to describe Petyr Baelish and also very fitting for Gemini. I struggled with Lord Baelish’s sign for a while, but his way with words convinced me he was born under the sign of the twins. In fact, it would be a very close verbal battle between him and Tyrion. Petyr has obviously accomplished alot by using his Gemini traits to his advantage and perhaps Tyrion would have been as successful had he not been born a dwarf. (And despised by most of his family). Aside from Varys, Petyr seems to be the only one using every single person as a pawn to get where he needs to be. He is extremely clever and always knows the right words to say. Even fellow Gemini, Tyrion fell for Petyr’s tricks. Littlefinger is definitely more ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants, but he does seem to have a soft side. We know he was in love with Catelyn Stark and now perhaps is reflecting that love onto Sansa, but we never do really know what he’s feeling, do we? He is careful with concealing his feelings and keeping us guessing. Unlike the other two very ruthless characters, Tywin and Cersei, who bide their precious Capricorn time, Petyr is not content to sit around and wait. He makes quick, intellectual decisions and always remains a step ahead of everyone else.

True to Gemini form, there is little these two don’t know. Geminis dibble and dabble in a vast range of things. It can be seen in the books as well as the show that both Tyrion and Littlefinger are very knowledgeable of ideals and culture beyond Westeros. They understand that knowledge is power and the more they gain, the farther they will succeed.


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