Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky

Snowy Valentine


The talk of the town is of course the full Leo moon arriving tonight, just in time for Valentine’s day. What’s even more noteable is what the other planets are doing. This moon is square Saturn in Scorpio, making it more difficult to confront our demons. This definitely puts a damper on a normally vibrant moon, but I actually think it’s a great balance.

Scorpio (dark, secretive, transforming) taking over Saturn (stern, responsible, patient) wants us to open up and face our fears/doubts. I think this is a perfect time becasue it’s Valentine’s day, the day of love. The day that no one really wants to be all alone. Whether you celebrate with your significant other, your child, your parents, or your friends, this is a great time to communicate. In all relationships communication and honesty is of upmost importance and Scorpion Saturn is delivering that message. But it won’t be easy. It’s funny how the most important things can also be the most challenging…

The moon is also sextile with Mars (action) in Libra (relationships), so this is a perfect moment not just to enjoy yourself(Leo) but to show others some love as well. Mars says, don’t just talk about it, be about it. Be BRAVE. With Mercury(communication) retrograde in Pisces(illusions) it will be tough to face reality. We often dwell in the past and dream(Pisces) about what might happen next, but what better time than V-day to let go of the past and move on?!

Leo moon lives in the moment and wants all the attention. Let’s use that attention for the greater good. Lay out all your cards and stop hiding. Secrets only continue to build if they are not dealt with. Patient Saturn promises that practicing honesty and dealing with dilemma, will be rewarding in the long haul, delivering the type of relationships that last. So whether you are out with your future bride or at home with your little one, try to be open your HEART and express yourself.

Live and let love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂


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