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Failure of Virtue, Westerosi Virgos

Continuing along with more sun sign fun, these are just some of my predictions. I am completely obsessed with this trilogy and have grown very attached to all the characters from the realm. I can’t help but disect their personalities! If you are up to date with the show, there won’t be any spoilers. Feel free to comment with any ideas. Who else could be a Virgo from the Seven Kingdoms? I would love to hear your thoughts.


In a dog-eat-dog world such as Westeros, one can’t rely on honor alone. (Especially around the likes of Petyr Baelish and Cersei Lannister). In the beginning, eveyone was rooting for the Starks. Catelyn and Robb seemed the last hope for this family. They came so far! Yet they were defeated.

Honor and duty above all!


The way Cat advises Ned to follow Robert and become his hand, urging her son not to leave Theon in Winterfell, making Jaime swear on his honor as a knight…it’s all carefully thought out and reasoned. There is a job to be done and it must be done now. This is how the typical Virgo thinks. Nothing can be left for tomorrow if it can be done today. They take their duties very seriously and will be of service anyway they can.

Both Robb and Catelyn believe deeply in tradition, like the Lannisters, but do not seek to claim an entire realm or all the gold they can find, only what is rightfully theirs; their family and home in Winterfell. Notice, Robb did not seek the crown. He was chosen justly by his people. A Virgo wouldn’t have it any other way. During Cat’s chapters and from watching the show, it’s obvious that Robb wants to be the very best he can be, not just for himself but for the north. This perfectionist attitude is very virgo; wanting everything to be just right, for fear of what might happen or what others might think. They are not so ambitious, as they are virtuous. Unfortunately, not everyone in Westeros believes in virtue.


Throughout the novels, Catelyn often swears by “the old gods and the new” and she will make others do the same, having faith that if they say “on my honor as a knight”, they will not brake this sacred vow. Robb felt it was honorable to marry a Westerling instead of a Frey because he was following his heart. (And had already slept with the bride-to-be, trying so hard not to make the same mistake his father made.)


Not a practical Virgo move…

But he took all the necessary steps to make amends . Sadly, the gods were not merciful, or at least Lord Walder Frey wasnt. Catlyn said clearly that they were protected by “guest rights”, but that doesn’t matter to everyone. I guess it’s unfair to say they should have known or they should have been more prepared, it was a very unexpected blow. I’m sure the ghosts of Cateyn and Robb are wondering…are there no honorable people left in the world?

Winter is coming indeed…


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