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The Goats of Casterly Rock and Dragonstone


I was looking forward to posting this, as my sun is also in Capricorn. However, I do wish some of the Westerosi Caps weren’t so evil…but the blog must go on. I’m on book 4 now, so I will try not to give anything away. (Most of what I mention is up to date with the show, so if you plan to watch/read for the first time, you might want to check these out later!) Also, if you know what’s going to happen please don’t leave it in the comments!

These are just guesses due to the fact that I’ ve grown so close to these characters, so if you have any inklings about the sun signs of Westeros, please feel free to comment, these aren’t set in stone. AND stay tuned for more Sun signs in the near future…


I know the Lannisters refer to themselves as lions, but they don’t seem like Leos to me. Aside from Tyrion, Tywin, Cersei, and Jaime all have a Capricorn air to them. To say these three are ambitious is an undertsatement. They will stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate goal and may the gods help you if you get in their way.

“A Lannister always pays his debts.” The family slogan alone is a good example of how Caps tend to think. Prestige, image, and ambition are all strong traits of this sign and undoubtedly, these three Lannisters. Throughout the books, Tywin remains the hard, cold rock that keeps the family in order. The Lannister image is of upmost importance and will not be tainted with follies.


The twins believe this as well. (although I think Jaime definitely has more fire in him…maybe Leo rising?) They both know they have to keep their incestuous desires under wraps, but Cersei is much more concerned with the family image than Jaime seems to be. All of them have a very sarcastic coolness and remain stern under pressure. A smart goat once said, “In the game of thrones, you either win or you die.” They understand that honor means little in the real world, it’s either kill or be killed. This is a very practical Capricorn way to think.


People born under this sign are patient and calcultating. They undertsand very well that the best things come to those who wait, just as Cersei did when she married King Robert. Although she had to endure being wed to someone that was not her lover/brother, she carefully planned a way to rise to the very top. With the help of others, she was able to rid herself of poor Robert Baratheon and have her incestual child crowned king, giving the Lannisters complete power…at least for a time.


All the goats of Westeros are guilty of using others so long as it benefits them…It’s little wonder that Capricorn’s key phrase is “I USE”. When Stannis realizes he can use Jon to gain northmen, he leaves Dragonstone to fight a more important war beyond the Wall, aiding the Black Brothers in the process. (a Lannister isn’t the only one who pays his debts…) A wise goat also understands the true meaning of loyalty, which is why Stannis is very particular about who surrounds him. Even though Davos was imprisoned for treason, Stannis knows this man has his best interest at heart, which, lets face it, is hard to come by in the seven kingdoms…


Although uncomfortable being the center of attention, Capricorns love to be appreciated (even worshiped) above anything else. They naturally handle themselves well in the spotlight, but having a companion like Melisandre, seems to boost Stannis’ confidence and her powers seem very USEful. Tywin is probably the most powerful man in Westeros, no doubt the wealthiest, (Caps are very good with money), but he doesn’t seek the iron throne. Stannis does, but he follows the rules and knows the throne rightfully belongs to him. Stannis definitely represents the good parts of Capricorn: fairness, loyalty, steadiness…while Tywin (and Cersei) displays the horrible dark side: greed, coldness, selfishness.

I find it very symbolic that the Lannisters hail from “the rock” and Stannis from Blackwater Bay. This sign is often referred to as a goat climbing up a large mountain(Casterly Rock), carefully making it’s way to the peak. Another aspect is the sea goat(Dragonstone), which represents the mysteriousness of Capricorn. Many remember the mountain goat using every groove to get to the top, but forget the goat also has a fishy tail…


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  1. Hey, comparing Tywin and Stannis is an excellent thing. I just wish I could give this post more likes.

    Thanks again for approaching these character analyses in such an interesting and novel way.



    February 7, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    • Yeah I’m so obsessed with these characters and I just started writing about them and couldn’t stop! I’m glad people appreciate it! Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂


      February 8, 2014 at 7:07 am

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