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The Sun Signs of Westeros (Continued..)-The Cancers of Castle Black



I had initially planned on going in order of the twelve signs, but I can’t hold out on ones I’ve already come up with, so Taurus and Gemini will have to wait. Although I have an idea of who they are, I haven’t wrote about them just yet. The Crabs of the Wall really stood out to me and are becoming my favorites to read. I was jotting down ideas about them so I wouldn’t forget to mention anything! Just about 100 more pages to go and I will be on the fourth book of George R.R. Martin’s trilogy. I don’t think I’ve been this hooked since Harry Potter took over my childhood.

HBO’s take is amazing, but the books are on a whole other level of adventure…


JON SNOW, BASEBORN BROTHER OF THE NIGHT’S WATCH..At first glance, I saw Jon Snow as a Capricorn, but the more I get to know him, I realized he is much more emotionally driven than most practical goat people. Deciding to spare Ygritte and an old man even though it could have cost him his life, is a good example of the cancerian intuition. Following his gut, rather than his head. Both Jon (and Samwell) constantly remind themselves that they are brothers of the Night’s Watch, proving their loyalty, another strong cancerian trait. Jon doesn’t strike me as the ambitious type, he only wants to belong for he has never quite known his place in this world. He reminds himself of that often as well, remembering that he is not Ned Stark’s trueborn son, but his bastard. The fact that he has never known his mother also adds to his emotional baggage. This constant brooding is known for people born under this sign. Forgetting and moving on is much more easier said than done and takes a harsh toll on a sad cancer soul like Jon.


SAMWELL TARLY, CRAVEN TURNED SLAYER..Similar to Jon not being accepted by Catalyn, Sam is no stranger to feeling like a disappointment either. Having been rejected by his father for being too sensitive and then sent away as a result, will make anyone feel unworthy. Some, however might become angry and vengeful, but not Sam. He, also like Jon, dwells on his misfortunes. Calling himself “craven”(a coward) and a failure. From my experience, Cancers seem to need a lot of encouragement from others when it comes to leaving their comfort zone. They are nurturing spirits who prefer the safe warm shell they have created around them. For Sam, this was his home in Horn Hill, beside his mother, reading and singing songs. But Lord Randyll Tarly was having none of that. Even when Sam finally does muster up some strength and kills the Other with a piece of dragon glass, he doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t like being called “Sam the Slayer” no more than he liked “Ser Piggy”. What these two crows don’t realize, and what many cancers struggle with as well is that there is so much more beyond that shell. They are intuitive, nuturing, and above all, fiercely loyal.


2 responses

  1. Heck yes, Cancerians!

    I’m really happy you chose Jon and Sam as representatives. Whew!


    January 25, 2014 at 3:52 pm

  2. Yeah, they really stood out to me. Such sensitive, loyal souls..


    January 26, 2014 at 12:22 am

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