Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky



An entry is long over due so here it is.

I have heard of getting this jolt of inspiration that strikes you like a lightning bolt and causes you to just let out all these emotions and ideas you never even knew you had. A few months ago, this feeling stuck me and I couldn’t stop writing. Ideas kept coming into my head one after the other and it all spilled into this ode to astrology and love. Being in love is a wonderful feeling and it lifts you up, making you feel effortless and untouchable. (at least that’s how I feel). That state is like our universe; vast and uncharted. We are rational human beings who weigh the pros and cons and make well thought out decisions, but do we choose to be in love? Love, like the starry skies, cannot be explained so simply. It is a feeling that when you get it, you just know. There is no reasoning as to why, how, or who. It just is..

Sprawled across my rooftop, we lay still looking at one another.

The stars’ reflection bouncing off your pupils.

Your constellations staring deep into my milky way.

My comet grazing your horizon.

You pull my Saturn up against your Mars,

Wrapping your arms around my celestial body.

My hands aspecting your hands, your lips transiting my lips,

Bringing me to the moon and back.

Your fire deep inside my earth, my shooting star flying through your sun,

Exploding into a million specks of light.

My eclipses sending your cosmic force tingling down my spine.

I cast your horoscope, you read my cards.

I ride your Supernova, you taste my North Star.

Your galaxies ricocheting off my axis,

Following an orbit through my veins.

We are measureless, breathing deep into each other’s universe.

While the rest of the world is in opposition,

Our planetary alignment, like star-crossed lovers,

Your heart trine my heart, harmonious in the sky.

*written when the moon was in Aries trine venus in Sagittarius


2 responses

  1. That was amazing miko. ❤️❤️


    January 7, 2014 at 4:06 am

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