Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky

My mother, the wandering moon


our mother sways back and forth, thinking of where shell go next. she rarely gets this lonely time to herself. she smiles, thinking back to beautiful memories of the past.

she approaches the future cautiously, and only going with what her gut tells her. a strong force pulls her forward to a new adventure..but she retreats back to her nook, wary of a dangerous path.

“what do you want from me?” she asks to no one in particular, when she realizes there is no one else around. There is only her and her thoughts. slowly, she is consumed by her mind, by her cozy aura. she longs to stay and protect what is hers, but something inside says “there is nothing left here for you.”

she is scared of this dark side  but not enough to stay. My mother begins to sway again. she is unsure of herself, of anything. But a great power compels her spirit to leave. carefully  moving forward,she breathes in deep and let’s herself go. she surrenders herself to her new soul, never looking back.

inspired by the moon void of course


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