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Pan’s Labyrinth a.k.a. Cap’s Mountain

(if you plan on seeing the movie for the first time, I wouldn’t read this post, as I give the ending away!) I don’t know if i’m just one of those people that tries to find astrology everywhere, but if this movie doesn’t represent Capricorn I don’t know what does. As soon as I saw it I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, not just because it’s a great movie, but because I found a connection to my sun sign. One of my favorite things about astrology are the myths and legends, the gods and tarot, how it’s all connected. It’s so interesting and magical to me…I had no idea what Pan’s Labyrinth was about until I watched it. I realized the faun who tempts and leads little Ofelia is a lot like the sign of Capricorn. People born under this sign are extremely ambitious and never give in to what others want or expect. They are the sign of the goat, slowly climbing up the treacherous mountain, not stopping until they reach the top. Now, the legend of Capricorn stems from a mythical creature named Pan, who is half man-half goat. As the story goes, Pan was someone who gave into to his “earthly desires”, he refused to follow and encouraged others to do the same.

Check this out: “The Fool comes to the foot of an enormous black mountain where reigns a creature half goat, half god. At his hooves, naked people linked to the god’s throne by chains, engage in every indulgence imaginable: sex, drugs, food, gold, drink. The closer the Fool gets, the more he feels his own earthly desires rising in him. Lust, passion, obsession, greed. “I refuse to give into you!” he roars at the Goat god, resisting with all his might. The creature returns a curious look. “All I am doing is bringing out what is already in you,” the beast responds. “Such feelings are nothing to fear, nothing to be ashamed of, or even to avoid.” The Fool gestures angrily at the chained men and women, “You say that even though they are enslaved?” The Goat-god mimics the Fool’s gesture. “Take another look.” The Fool does so, and realizes that the chained collars the men and women wear are wide enough for them to easily slip off over their heads. “They can be free if they wish to be,” the Goat-god says, “Though you are right. I am the god of your strongest desires. But you see here only those who have allowed their base, bestial desires to control them.” At this the Goat-god gestures upward, toward the peak of the mountain. “You do not see those who have allowed their impulses and aspirations to take them up to the top of that mountain. Inhibitions can enslave as easily as excesses. They can keep you from following your passion to the highest heights.” The Fool realizes the truth in this, and that he has mistaken the Goat-god. Here he understands now that it is not a creature of evil, but of great power, the lowest and the highest, both of beast and god. Like all power it is frightening, and dangerous…but it is also the key to freedom and transcendence if understood and well used.”

I came across this story a long time ago when I researched the devil tarot card, which is also connected to capricorn and Pan. If you happen to have a deck of tarot cards, better yet, if you look up images on google, you’ll see a picture of a creature with horns usually sitting in a thrown naked, but with male and female parts or none at all. Next to him are prisoners chained up but the chains are lose enough to break free, so it’s depicting enslavement by choice. This card represents ambitions, freedom, self expression, lust, desire, self acceptance. It’s a reminder that we should always stay true to ourselves and never settle or become “slaves” to society. Just like Pan AND just like the faun from Pan’s Labrynth. Funny how the movie is called PAN’S labyrinth.

I guess i’m just excited to see astrology on my tv instead of reading about it and experiencing it’s power in real life. Even though the faun vividly brings the legend of Capricorn to life, he is not Pan in the movie. Then who is Pan? Maybe the faun was just a test for Ofelia to overcome. After all, she ultimately disobeyed him in the end by not hurting/killing her baby brother. She made that decision on her own, which is what Pan encouraged other’s to do. She is then killed by her evil stepfather, which reunites with her mother and father and she becomes princess of the underworld. After much suffering, she is finally rewarded. So maybe Pan (who is never shown in the movie, at least not to my knowledge) is the goat-god from the legend and he just uses the faun. OR..Maybe the faun knows he is being used the entire time and is just serving his purpose. Little does Ofelia know, Pan’s labyrinth holds the ultimate prize for her. I suppose we will never know, but it’s cool to look at it from different perspectives, I enjoy the mysterious magic……


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