Thoughts from a Girl Who Looks Up at the Sky


Before I get into the differences between men and women, I want to first talk about the sign in general. When most people think of the twins, (by most people, I mean those who have YET to be enlightened by astrology) the first thing that comes to mind is “geminis are so two-faced”. Unfortunately, Geminis get a bad rep for being two-faced, but they’re very misunderstood. I mean, this is the sign of the twins we’re talking about. All men and women born under this sign, have at least two different personalities, most have more than four or five. It has nothing to do with being phony, but simply that they’re just so adaptable. Being the only airy-mutable-mercury ruled sign, what do you expect? These people were born to verbally rule any discussion. So there are those who feel they are being “two-faced” because they’ll act one way in a situation and then handle another completely differently as if another person took over. No, you didn’t see double, but there is double, probably quadruple going on in that gemini’s head. You see, Gemini’s mind moves so quickly, probably the fastest in the entire zodiac. While we have one idea in our head, they have about seven or eight, always moving on to the next. It would be an understatement to say they bore easily. They are constantly seeking new things to stimulate their brains.

Both men and women born under this sign contain these qualities, but I have noticed a huge difference between the two. Now let me just say that there are differences between men and women for every sign. However, I find that with geminis it’s a bit more drastic. I have always found the women of this sign to be easy going, intelligent beings that aways remain in control of any situation. Whenever I have met a male gemini, I felt as if I was meeting his inner child. Yes, this sign is associated with youth, but why don’t I feel this way about the women? I know most women mature faster than men, but gemini men seem to be forever boys. Now I am in no way trying to bash the men of this sign, just pointing out a clear difference. It’s not even that I don’t get along with them, I just find them harder to undertsand. They can be very extreme in their views, no matter how conflicting each topic is from the next. It can be confusing and makes them a little hard to fathom. So I started thinking about how one sex can be so different from the other. The women, so understanding and calm cool and collected, while the men tend to be all over the place. It got me thinking about the sign’s origin again: the twins, multiple personalities….I think it’s safe to say that women are more complex creatures than men. I find this to be true in that men are more straight forward and don’t have as many needs and view points as women do. With this being said, it makes sense that women geminis are able to handle all those personalities within them. You would think the sign would be better suited for a man (gemini being a masculine air sign), but perhaps this amazing mental sign is even better suited for women because it gives them a balance. Women are naturally emotional beings who sometimes have trouble maintaing control and successfully getting their point across. Not gemini women. They use their personalities to their advantage and know what to say in any situation. Although gemini men are also quick witted, they tend to get more excited or flustered in a discussion. If they feel as if they’re losing an argument, they will usually find a way to change the subject. (All gemini’s are very good at that). A gemini woman rarely loses her cool and there is simply no point in arguing with her. Even if she’s wrong, she will still remain the verbal victor.

As these thoughts poured in, I started thinking about well known Geminis and you can certainly distinguish the differences. Some famous Gemini women include Zoe Saldana, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Venus Williams. All intelligent women with poise who seem to have clear control of their bearings. Depending on the planet alignment at their time of birth, you will of course have more assertive females of the sign such as Joan Rivers, Patti Stanger(Reality show Millionaire MatchMaker) and Kendra Wilkinson Baskett (Reality Star and one of my favorite gems). Overall, they are extremely changeable specimens, who’s feathers aren’t easily ruffled. When I think of the men, more aggressive and eccentric types come to mind…Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Tupac, Bob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz, Mark Wahlberg, Boy George. All of these men seem to be forever young, while constantly re-inventing themselves. And, though sometimes not clear where they stand, the men of this sign are extremely outspoken individuals, which is a quality I must respect. They can be loud, rude and sometimes childish, but they will always have something thought provoking to say. Although extremely adaptable, they are not content with blending into the crowd, but standing out and making a statement.

Whether it’s done in a calm effortless manner or a more forceful one, it’s clear that both male and female geminis will always have something to say. The Mercury influence makes it impossible for them not to communicate with others and it is in that way they rise to the top. They make excellent use of their best asset, their quick mind, to get what they want. The women of this sign certainly understand how to channel their many personalities, using all of them to the best of their ability. The men seem to go through life as if there are no rules or he was born to make his own.


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