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My Worst Nightmare Lives in My House of Secrets

“Our fears want comforting so they can dissolve. But if we refuse to face them, their power only grows.”

This quote came from an interesting article I read about the 8th house. The astrologer, Dana Gerhardt, talks about how we keep our secrets tucked away in our 8th house, but it’s important that we face them. It’s been instilled in me since I was a little girl. I was always told that I shouldn’t be afraid of the dark, monsters aren’t real, there’s nothing hiding under my bed..

I’ve been very interested in the 8th house, especially because my moon, which is in cancer, is located there. This is a really watery mix with heavy plutonian and lunar influence. I guess this helps explain my strong intuition and my deep maternal instincts. (Not to mention the moodiness and deep rooted sensitivity.) I suppose it also has alot to do with my secretiveness and extreme interest in the afterlife. I’ve been told that having moon in the 8th usually has alot to do with psychic ability. Although I’m very spiritual, I don’t consider myself psychic. When I think psychic, I don’t really mean being able to predict the future, but being able to connect to..well..the dead..We ARE talking about the 8th house.

I know a few people that have seen spirits or have had out of body experiences, my own mother has witnessed their presence, even spoke to them on occasions. I have never had an encounter even remotely close to that and am terrified that I might one day. And the closest I’ve come to an out of body experience, was the occasional de ja vu. I believe strongly that there is life after death, but ghosts scare the shit out of me more than anything. I can sit through a slasher movie with no problem, but pop in “The Others” or “The Ring” and I am sleeping with the lights on. Maybe this is why I’ve never encountered a spirit because they don’t feel comfortable around me. Perhaps they can sense my fear… But with a cancer moon in the 8th I guess I’m going to have many fears.. and be very secretive about them.

I envy those who are in touch with their “psychic ability” and even those who can just sit through a ghost movie without losing any sleep. Even if I was blessed with this wonderful gift, I’m not sure I could handle it. A friend of mine just doesn’t understand this fear I have. I mean, with a moon in Leo in the 8th house, I suppose he’s pretty fearless or at least to proud to admit fear anyway. He, amongst others I know, have had an experience with the dead. He claimed he was a little scared at the time, but just accepted it and went right to sleep. I just could not do that, I would be up all night feeling like someone was watching me. He told me that it’s not as if the ghost could hurt him so he accepted it’s presence and fell asleep.

Although death does scare me, I find the topic very interesting, especially when dealing with the afterlife. I’m not sure where these fears stem from, but they could be holding me back. After all, they could be preventing me from discovering a greater power(Pluto) within me. Now, after writing this post, I’ve realized I not only have these silly fears, but also a fear of these fears. Ugh! Well it definitely feels good to vent and I think expressing my feelings, especially regarding my fears, is making good use of the 8th’s POWER……


One response

  1. Jocelyn Jeffries

    Love the quote. I need to disolve my fears….


    May 7, 2012 at 3:24 am

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